Friday, April 25, 2008

Five Month Session

Here is some favorite pictures from Charlie's 5 month session this April 21st. The brown knit outfit was a gift from brother Josh and the teddy bear is her favorite from grandma. The bracelet she is wearing was also a gift from our clients the Bohme family. Thank you so much for such a sweet gift! She will have that forever in her keepsake box.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Christening Photos!

Here is Charlie in her Christening gown. This gown was made by her great aunt in Norway. My sister and I also wore the gown for our Christenings. It is fun to carry on family traditions across generations and continents. It really makes you realize that you are part of a much bigger picture. The close-up of Charlie's face is my favorite. I love that sweet reflective look that she gets.

We are also very happy to have Mark's nephew Jason, who is a minister at Beavercreek Church of the Nazarene, perform the services for us tying in Mark's side of the family as well.