Friday, February 13, 2009

Charlie at 15 Months!

I'll sit, but not for long!
I can run, hop and spin...sometimes all at the same time!

I can climb on things too!

I got a little behind in Charlie's posts, but I promise to catch up. Family and friends are starting to get mad there haven't been here we go.

This session we did on the 10th and Mark and I were both in a full sweat by the time we were done. Charlie is a girl on the go and most of the time her legs are moving before they ever hit the ground. The outtakes from this session are hilarious. Most of them consist of her running towards the camera.

We love watching her grow and learn new things. She is learning to climb on evident below. She is also mimicking as much as she can both verbally and physically. I didn't think that I would have a 'girly-girl' but so far Charlie has a very bizarre obsession with shoes and has recently taken to jewelry and purses. She has to touch the shoes of most people she meets and plays with them at home just like you would a toy. Her favorite are a pair of yellow mary-janes that I bought her that don't leave her side.

She also enjoys eating paper to the point that it was one of her first words...mama, daddy, doggy, baby, paper...go figure. We love her a ridiculous amount and will miss her horribly during our travels this month. I never thought I could ever love someone this much and it just keeps growing :)

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