Tuesday, June 10, 2008

First Environmental Portrait!

Mark and I needed a new head shot so the family piled into the car for a portrait adventure....on the hottest and most humid day of the summer thus far :( Thankfully Sister Lindsay came along to help, otherwise Mark and I would have been running back and forth to the camera in between the timer going off...sooo not good in the hot weather. Lindsay, having stuck it out through enough of these as a kid, new exactly what to do. She is quite good behind the camera.

Anyway mission accomplished. We got our updated P.R. shots done and Charlie got a few portraits in her new sundress from Aunt Jeanene. Her first of probably a million environmental portrait sessions. To be politically correct nowadays, can this technically be called an organic session? Just asking...
PS. She just had her last checkup and weighed in at 20.3 lbs and 28.16 inches. Hard to believe she is growing up so quickly!

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